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Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

IT Relocation Services to suit your needs

Our range of services lends itself to helping clients, prospects, or intermediaries relocate to new offices. Our in-house, highly qualified team of cabling specialists, our unified communications team, as well as our IT support team, possess the perfect blend of skills to assist.

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New offices or a new space

Whether you’re moving to a new city due to business growth, moving to another city, or moving to a new space in the same building, our well-trained team can help you keep your office as close as possible with our full IT relocation services. relocate easily. It meets your needs and keeps you up and running.

Moving to a new facility may require an overhaul of your cabling infrastructure or connections. Or you may need help with an existing website, or create a new website or portal to support a new service or product. ITRM will assist with these projects and our relocation services team will manage the relocation to the new facility. Our experienced team of engineers can design, plan, manage and implement the overtime movement of computers, phones and related his IT, IT racks, switches and servers.

Regular support

Because we’re known for being so efficient, tidy and responsive at office moves, we are used to being called upon to help out fit-out experts, to supply a one-stop range of IT, telecoms and cabling services that they’re loathed to buy separately. We’ve worked with a number of businesses including Knight Frank and Ring Central to act in this capacity.


Ad-hoc support

In addition, we’ve plenty of agencies which can be mentioned us, to help with widespread relocations of as much as two hundred workforce. We take satisfaction in making sure all communications are operating in advance of the day workforce pass in and cabling offerings are set up effectively and in sympathy with the location, with the intention to facilitate this. In addition to our present clients, AIG and Centrica are clients who’ve given super comments and had been very glad about our offerings.


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