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Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

Benefits of Cybar Security services provided by IT Services Hub

Safeguarding your company’s systems and data is paramount in today’s business landscape. The significance of data security cannot be overstated, as a breach not only poses financial risks but also jeopardizes your hard-earned reputation among customers and stakeholders. Selecting a singular product for network protection is akin to possessing a safe filled with prized possessions and freely sharing the key.

Fortunately, the renowned managed service provider, IT Services Hub, stands ready to assist. With their acclaimed cyber security and consultancy services, you can rest assured that your business remains constantly shielded from the ever-present threat of cybercrime. IT Services Hub employs cutting-edge technology to monitor and counteract cyber threats, delivering fully-managed, multi-layered cyber security protection to prevent breaches and data loss. Enjoy total peace of mind with IT Services as your dedicated partner in fortifying your business against potential risks.


We'll begin with an IT security audit of your company's systems and processes to pinpoint any weak spots and identify your core security priorities.

Afterwards, we'll run through our observations with you.

Then, you can purchase a single service if you're confident that your existing IT security in other areas is up to scratch or opt for the complete package for the best security across your entire network.

IT Services Hub Protect

We work with industry-leading technology partners, and our cyber security services continually evolve, using the latest software to detect and eliminate threats before they interrupt your business. In addition, our in-house experts can be relied upon to proactively monitor and address any security concerns you have for your business — and quickly.

IT Services Hub Protect is our unique approach to IT security. It offers total protection by securing three key areas:


Endpoint protection ensures Microsoft servers and desktops are protected from viruses and malware.


Email protection ensures you don't send or receive viruses, malware, or spam.


Web protection monitors and filters access to prohibited sites on topics such as gambling, pornography, and drug use to ensure safe browsing.

IT Services Hub Secure

When cyber threats occur, your business needs to act quickly to identify and remedy any vulnerabilities in your IT. We can help you choose the best cybersecurity solutions to protect your business.

IT Services Hub Secure provides threat protection IT services against an increasingly complex and hostile landscape, including:

IT Services Hub Secure Testing

IT Services Hub Secure Training

IT Services Hub Secure Threat

IT Services Hub Secure Compliance

IT Services Hub Secure Comms

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